I've suffered a loss - what do I do?

Accidents happen, but insurance claim disasters are avoidable. Call an insurance claims adjuster to represent you all the way through your claim. What you DON'T know about insurance WILL cost you!

  • Take photographs or video of the damage to document and prove your loss.
  • If possible try to stop any further damage from occurring to your property.
  • Create a detailed inventory of all the contents damaged or destroyed.
  • Save all receipts and document all intangible expenses as a result of your loss (clean-up eorts for example).
  • Prior to Gold Star representing you, take detailed notes of all conversations with any and all adjusters.

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    What REALLY Happens After The Storm, Flood, Earthquake, or Fire

    Public Adjusters

    If you own property, this book is a must read! If you think buying insurance means you're covered, think again!

    In his book, Mark Goldwich, public adjuster and insurance expert, reveals behind-the-scene secrets of what really goes on when you file a claim, large or small. You will be enlightened, then shocked and angry, and finally - EMPOWERED.

    What you need to know:
    Hiring Your Own Private Adjuster.

    Hiring a Public Adjuster is an important decision, like hiring a Realtor, CPA, contractor or attorney. It is critical to check the credentials of the person or firm before hiring them. Check their website, look for testimonials, talk to past clients, and ask about their years of experience and prior training. You should also see if they are members of state or national public adjusting associations (AAPIA or NAPIA). You can also check with the Better Business Bureau, or even the state's insurance department, but keep in mind, nearly every business can have a client or two that is not happy for some reason.

    The key is to look for minimal complaints, and you can always ask the Public Adjuster to explain any negative remarks. Meet with one or more adjusters based on your research, ask to see their license, and interview them as you would most any other professional. A good Public Adjuster should look, dress, and speak professionally, be able to candidly describe their training, experience and past results, and give you confidence in their ability to handle your specific claim.

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    We helped Michaela Miller with her flood insurance claim.

    After a flood devastated our home, we tried to work with our insurance company, who offered us $82,487.48. We knew this was not enough, and felt we were not being paid fairly. We did some research and learned about Mark Goldwich and Gold Star Adjusters. Mark was great to work with, kept us at ease, and pursued the full amount owed. With Mark's help, we got a settlement of $193,370.17. This is $110,882.69 more than the original offer! The lesson here is simple, "hire Gold Star and get what is owed!" - M.M., Jacksonville, FL


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